March 31, 2016


Our Rates and Conditions

We charge £20 per hour. Payment can be made by bank transfer or Credit Card. Pay As You Go o or Monthly Fixed contracts available. Minimum time invoiced is 30min.

Our invoices can be weekly or monthly and include a timesheet with detailed time tracking for each task should you need it.

If you hire either Chris or Taby, you don’t have to pay benefits, taxes, holiday, sickness, travelling, lunch breaks, equipment, stationary, etc. We are independent contractors, so those expenses are on me.


Our Equipment

We update our hardware and software yearly so that we can provide a top quality service. At the moment we have an Intel Core i5 2.5Ghz with Turbo Booster Ultrabook running Windows 10 (latest build) with a 2GB Nvidia Geforce 840M, 12GB RAM and 650GB HDD an Intel Core i5 2.5Ghz 2TB 12GB RAM 2GB XFX AMD Core Radeon R7-360 2GB Lenovo running windows 10 latest build.

As well as a 1TB External Storage and Various Cloud services we use for backup

We are very security conscious so we use LastPass to generate passwords and to store them safely.