5 Tips For Creating a Profitable Product Research Strategy

Product research is essential for finding the best items to buy and sell in your store. Here’s how to create a strategy that will earn you the most profit.

The internet has over 110,000 eCommerce profit creating sites. If you currently have your own website or are looking to get into the business, you know it can often be difficult finding and sourcing the right products for your store.

To create a thriving business, you’ll need to use a consistent strategy to choose the products you sell carefully.

Here are 5 tips for creating a profitable product research strategy that’ll take your business to the next level.

1. Find the Perfect Price Point for a Profit

Staying within the range of £15-£50 is optimal for buying. If necessary and for the right product, you can push the limit to around £50-£70.

Realistically, the product needs to hit that £15 mark. This price will help you make profit easier. Any products over £50 or £75 will require more seed money before you can start selling them.

However, every business is different. It’s important to find the price range that works well for your operation, and that drives profit.

2. Be Passionate About Your Business

A product will rarely be so outstanding that it’ll sell itself. This means that you need to have a passion for the product to make it successful.

If you don’t have the drive to sell your niche products, no one will have the drive to purchase them from you. Being passionate about your products and business will help grow your company.

3. Trend Hunting Should Be a Part of Your Product Research

Consider looking for current and upcoming trends that are relative to your store’s niche. Even though these trends will inevitably die down in popularity, they’ll still offer you new consumer traffic for a good part of the year.

Trend hunting will require some research time. That’ll help you make sure that you’re on the right hunch before you invest your money into the idea. Sites like Pinterest, Reddit, and Kickstarter can help you find new and exciting trend ideas.

4. Don’t Forget to Think About Shipping

Shipping is more important than you might think. It’s not a good scenario if you find a product you want to sell that doesn’t ship well.

Either it’s too fragile and requires a lot of packaging, or it’s too large and costs a lot of money for you and the consumer to ship to them.

It’s best to look for durable products that are simple and relatively cheap to ship. Doing this is the best way to avoid shipping issues and a big headache down the road.

5. Look for Successful Product Launches

Another way to find out what consumers want to buy is to look at successful product launches. If other companies similar to yours think spending money on a new product is worth it, it may also be a good way for you to make a profit.

Using Amazon as one of your primary resources for looking up product launches can also be helpful.

Sellers who use this site will promote large product launches in hopes of making big numbers and increasing how frequently Amazon shows their products to potential consumers.

Strive for Profits and Success

Doing product research before adding new products to your eCommerce site will help ensure better profits and success. Once you know what works for your business, you can incorporate those strategies into the plan you use every time you’re adding new products to your store.

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